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ASOF Voluntary Donations

Auto-Sleepers Owners Forum - Voluntary Member Donations

The Auto-Sleepers Owners Forum (ASOF) is independent of & has no direct connection with either Auto-Sleepers themselves or The Auto-Sleeper Owners Club (ASOC) - We do not receive any financial help from anyone & the forum is run by the staff who give their time freely & any costs involved are met by the founder & Admin.

Throughout the year we have considerable expenses to keep the forum live, this includes forum hosting, storage, web domain costs, and much more! Members sometimes feel they would like to contribute to these costs and help support the site which is gratefully received & helps us enormously.

Our donation system is completely voluntary & there is no pressure for you to donate. Any member who chooses to donate will be recognised by having their forum status upgraded to "Forum Supporter" to recognise the fact they have kindly supported us by way of a donation.

Thank You.


ASOF Static Cling Sticker

Auto-Sleepers Owners Forum (ASOF) Static Cling Stickers

Why not show your support for ASOF by displaying one of our stickers in your window

These stickers are approx 80mm in diam, they are static cling & therefore they are easy to apply & just as easy to remove at a later if desired. They can be transfered from one vehicle to another unlike the old self adhesive type stickers of the past.

Stickers are supplied on a card, simply peel the sticker away from the card & ensure the surface of the glass is both clean & dry. Apply the logo side direct to the inside of the glass. Please note, application can be helped by the use of a soft cloth to gently rub any trapped air as you fix the sticker.

£2.00 each (includes postage)

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